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Playing Dress-Up…

A bonnet…what next?



Hello All of you Two and Four Legged Friends,

Well folks it has been some time since my last post, but things are busy with the summer ending soon.  My little niece came over for the week-end and she decided to play “Little House on the Prairie”.  You can see by my smiling face that it was just a great time.  Next time they come, I am getting a doggy motel.

Until next time,

Mason, The Teddynator  ©


Some days you just cannot win…

You talking about me, you talking about me?

Hello All of you Two and Four Legged Friends,

Well enough with the camera already, my worst nightmare was the invention of the phone camera. There I sit minding my own business chewing on the tail of my puppy and the next thing I know “snap” and she caught me backing off from the chair.

First, the Ole Woman should be happy that I just lost my last baby teeth on that “chair”. Second, I heard her say she was going to toss it and after I worked so hard to take off all the paint for her. She is dragging her feet and I thought I would just help it along by finishing it off.

Now, if the chair collapses with a rung gone when she sits down, that will be her fault…I have proof she knew about it. Thus…the picture.

Until next time,

Mason, The Teddynator ©

On a Rainy Morning…


Hello All of you Two and Four Legged Friends,

Well folks where has the time gone? 

It is just another lazy day here in Wisconsin…my mama is at her computer and I am keeping a close eye on her.  I think it is about time for a nap.

Until next time,

Mason, The Teddynator  ©


Me and Cam

Hello All of you Two and Four Legged Friends,


I went to see my big brother Carl today…I played with my cousins and Carl bought me a swimming pool.  That is right, mine all mine…  The picture is of me and my cousin cooling off in 104-degree weather at 6PM tonight.

However, wow…do I have a great brother or what? 


Until next time,

Mason, The Teddynator  ©

Just another Saturday…

Hello All of you Two and Four Legged Friends,

Caught in the act…

 Another day lounging on the balcony…my mama went inside…so; I thought it is time to take care of trimming the flowers back.

Well, I cannot get out of this one

Dumped the pot…

Caught again…does this Ole Woman have eyes in the back of her head? 

Well I did ask my sister and brothers one time and they said, “Yep, if you look closely their right there under the hair.


Until next time,

Mason, The Teddynator  ©

It was a warm day in June when…

Hello All of you Two and Four Legged Friends,

Not much to say, 90 something degrees outside…morning walk before the heat set in, and then it is under the air conditioning for the day. 

Oh yes, remember the fan…

Boy is it hot…

Well, I chewed the cord and mama said, “That’s it bud…suffer”!  What a mean Ole Woman…

Then she proves me wrong, as you can see that this afternoon I am on the balcony with a warm breeze and a bowl of ice and a promise of another walk when the sun goes down.

Bowl of ice, a warm breeze, what a life…


Until next time,

Mason, The Teddynator  ©


Happy Father’s Day from the Teddynator…

Hello All of you Two and Four Legged Friends,

Happy Father’s Day to all of you four and two-legged daddy’s…

It is going to be another hot day here in Wisconsin; cool mornings are the best time for walking.  My mama said that we best get out early before the heat sets in.   

Of course, my mama is a southerner and she takes a lot more heat than most people who live here.  However, not like when she was younger.  She said yesterday that it was 90 degrees and best we turn on the air conditioning…now that is a tough Ole Woman!

She is letting me stay up later now that it does not get dark so early.  I also have been moved into a larger bed.  In past pictures, you did see the big crate made especially for my bed.  This one I call my big bed but I guess by human standards it is just a large cage.  No matter…I am special my mama told me so.

The morning walk was short, only four blocks…that will cause a fella to pant a little after walking a bit.  We went in a new direction, mama said there was a breeze by the Dam and we could follow the river back home.  The damn was scary, but I just looked through the fence at it with caution, I am getting to be a big boy.

Above the Dam on Beaver River

Again, Happy Father’s Day to all of you great daddy’s and to you mommy’s who have to be the mama and the daddy, like my mama.   

Until next time,

Mason, The Teddynator  ©


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